I/O With Enumerated Types
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I/O With Enumerated Types

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-- This example uses some features we have studied in detail.  It shows
-- how to do input and output of an enumerated type.  It is related to
-- assignment 2.  Note that reading is case insensitive and skips leading
-- blanks.  If you give bad input, it the program dies.

with Text_IO;
with Gnat.Io; use Gnat.Io;
procedure Enumio is
   type Some_Enum_Type is (Dog, Cat, Fish, Snail, Slug, Snake);
   package Some_Enum_IO is new Text_Io.Enumeration_IO(Some_Enum_Type);
   use Some_Enum_IO;
   Fred: Some_Enum_Type;
   Ch: Character;
   Put("What type of animal? ");
   Get(Ch);   -- Read the terminating character
   if Fred = Snail then
      Put_Line("I like snails, too.");
      Put("Oh, ");
   end if;
end Enumio;
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