Integer Stack Demonstration Client
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Integer Stack Demonstration Client

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<<Integer Stack Package Body Download Rational Number Package Spec>>
-- A simple client of the Int_Stack package.

with Gnat.Io; use Gnat.Io;
with I_Stack; use I_Stack;

procedure Int_Stack_User is
   -- Here is a stack.  We can use the name of the private type,
   S: Int_Stack;

   -- Here's an exciting integer.
   Exciting: Integer;
   -- S.Size := 5; -- This is not allowed since the type is private.

   -- Read in some integers, and push 'em
      Put("> ");
      exit when Exciting = -1;
      Push(S, Exciting);
   end loop;

   -- Pop 'em and print 'em
   while not Empty(S) loop
      Pop(S, Exciting);
      exit when Empty(S);
      Put(" ");
   end loop;
end Int_Stack_User;
<<Integer Stack Package Body Rational Number Package Spec>>