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Linked Stack Package Body

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-- This is the body of the linked stack package.

-- We'll take care of de-allocation ourselves.  Note that this is a good
-- use of unchecked deallocation, since it is limited to the body of one
-- small package.  That makes it easier to get right.
with Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation;
use Ada;

package body L_Stack is
   -- Here's the deallocation function for nodes.
   procedure Free is new Unchecked_Deallocation(Stack_Node, Node_Ptr);

   -- Push onto the stack.
   procedure Push(S: in out Int_Stack; I: Integer) is
         S := new Stack_Node'(I, Node_Ptr(S));
      end Push;

   -- Remove from the stack.
   procedure Pop(S: in out Int_Stack; I: out Integer) is
      Old_Top: Node_Ptr;
         if S /= null then
            -- Unlink the top node.
            Old_Top := Node_Ptr(S);
            S := Int_Stack(S.Next);

            -- Get the data out of it.
            I := Old_Top.Data;

            -- Say bye, little node.
         end if;
      end Pop;

   -- Find out what's on the top.
   function Top(S: Int_Stack) return Integer is
      if S = null then
         return 0;
         return S.Data;
      end if;
   end Top;

   -- So, are we empty yet?
   function Empty(S: Int_Stack) return Boolean is
         return S = null;
      end Empty;

   -- Kill that stack!
   procedure Clean(S: in out Int_Stack) is
      Zombie,                   -- Ptr to node about to be deleted.
        Scan: Node_Ptr;         -- List scanner.
      Scan := Node_Ptr(S);
      while Scan /= null loop
         -- Advance the pointer and delete the old node.
         Zombie := Scan;
         Scan := Scan.Next;
      end loop;
   end Clean;

   -- See if two stacks are equal.
   function "=" (S, T: Int_Stack) return Boolean is
      SScan, TScan: Node_Ptr;  -- List scanners.
      -- Init scanners.
      SScan := Node_Ptr(S);
      TScan := Node_Ptr(T);

      -- See if the stacks are equal.
         -- If we reach the end of both lists at the same time without
         -- a previous return, they must have been equal (found no
         -- differences).
         if SScan = null and TScan = null then
            return True;
         end if;

         -- If we reach the end of one without the other, the lists are of
         -- different lengths.
         if SScan = null or TScan = null then
            return False;
         end if;

         -- If the current item disagrees, then not equal.
         if SScan.Data /= TScan.Data then
            return False;
         end if;

         -- Next item.
         SScan := SScan.Next;
         TScan := TScan.Next;
      end loop;
   end "=";

end L_Stack;
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