Simple Linked List.
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Simple Linked List.

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-- Simple linked list.  Just reads in some integers, places them into a
-- stack-like linked list, then prints them out again in reverse order.
-- Input terminated with -1.
with Gnat.Io; use Gnat.Io;
procedure ll is
   type Node;                           -- There is some type node.
   type Node_Ptr is access Node;        -- Node_Ptr points to those.

   type Node is record                  -- Now I'll tell you what Node is.
      Data: Integer;
      Next: Node_Ptr;
   end record;

   Head: Node_Ptr;                      -- Head of the list.
   New_Node: Node_Ptr;                  -- Created node.
   Scan_Ptr: Node_Ptr;                  -- Scan the list.
   In_Int: Integer;                     -- Input integer.
   -- Read in a list of integers to -1.
      -- Read and integer, stopping at -1.
      Put("> ");
      exit when In_Int = -1;

      -- Create a node for it, filled in.  The initial values on new are
      -- optional, but useful to fill in the new space, much like a
      -- constructor.
      New_Node := new Node'(In_Int, null);

      -- Link it into the list.  (Actually, we could have set Next to be head
      -- when we created the node in the last stmt, but I thought it would
      -- be clearer this way.)
      New_Node.Next := Head;
      Head := New_Node;

   end loop;

   -- Now print out the integers (backwards.)
   Scan_Ptr := Head;
      -- If the list is entirely empty, bail out now.
      exit when Scan_Ptr = null;

      -- Print, go to next.
      Scan_Ptr := Scan_Ptr.Next;

      -- If there is no next, we are done.
      exit when Scan_Ptr = null;

      -- Since there is a next, print a space to separate the items.
      Put(" ");
   end loop;

end ll;
<<Function Overloading. Simple Linked List With Disposal.>>