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  <title>The Idea of Hypertext</title>
 <h1>The Internet</h1>
 <p>All the connected computers, and the which which connect them.</p>
 <h2>The Web</h2>
 <p>The portion of the internet which supports the World Wide Web.</p>
 <p>The primary application protocol for transferring files on the web.</p>
 <p>The Hypertext Markup Language with all those pesky &lt; and &gt;
    symbols.  Not to mention &amp; and &quot;.</h3>
 <p>HTML entities can even display those hard-to-type foreign
    characters, like &uuml; and &eacute;.
 <h2>The Domain Name Service</h2>
 <p>The service used to look up IP addresses.</p>