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Indent and Blank Remover
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/* This program removes any indentation and blank lines from its input. */

#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>

int main() 
        int inch;               /* Input character. */
        int suppressing = 1;    /* Currently suppressing leading space. */

        while((inch = getchar()) != EOF) {
                /* At the end of a line, if we have suppressed up to this
                   point, squash the newline, too, to eliminate the whole
                   line.  Otherwise, begin suppression for the next line. */
                if(inch == '\n')
                                suppressing = 1;
                        /* Not end-of-line.  See if we are worrying about
                           suppressing spaces right now. */
                                /* We are suppressing spaces.  If it's a space,
                                   squash it; if not, we aren't suppressing
                                   anymore. */
                                        suppressing = 0;

                /* If we got here, this character should not be suppressed. */

This program processes its input one character at time, an keeps some history to help it know how to process each character.