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Multiple Inheritance
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#include <iostream>
#include "canvas.h"
#include "shape.h"
#include "genstack.h"

// Here is an object which has two base classes.  It is one of the shapes
// (a Square), and also a Stack_Elt so it can be put on the stack.
class StackedSquare: public Square, public Stack_Elt
        StackedSquare(int x, int y, int side): Square(x, y, side) { }
        void print(ostream& strm) const {
                strm << "Square[" << width << " @ " << origx << "x" 
                     << origy << "]";

        Canvas c(35, 60);       // A place to draw.
        Stack s;                // A stack of squares.

        // Draw some squares, then put the on a stack.
        int size = 22;
        for(int m = 1; m <= 7; m++) {
                StackedSquare *ss = new StackedSquare(4*m, m + 1, size);
                size -= 3;

        // Pop them off, move 'em a bit, then draw them again.
        int move = 0;
        while(!s.empty()) {
                StackedSquare *ss = (StackedSquare *)s.pop();
                ss->translate(move, 25 + move);
                delete ss;


C++ allows multiple inheritance: A class may have more than one base class. Java does not permit multiple inheritance, but the Java interface system is actually a limited form of this. Java seems to have the right idea here. Interfaces seem to allow the useful applications of multiple inheritance, and forbid the stupid ones.
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