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Expression Simplification

CS 231 Lecture Examples

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; This file provides some simplification of the expressions produced by
; the derivative system.

; ** Main simplifier **
; This just calls a single simplifier for each of sum and product, but
; sends some parameters to adapt it.  It also does an extra step for
; products which changes products containing 0 to 0.
(defun simplify (E)
        ((is-sum E) (simpl 'is-sum (lambda (x) (cons '+ x)) 0 E))
        ((is-product E)
            (kill-zero (simpl 'is-product (lambda (x) (cons '* x)) 1 E)))
        (t E)

; ** Zero killer
; If the argument is a product and contains zero, return zero.  Else
; return the argument.
(defun kill-zero (E)
        ((not (is-product E)) E)
        ((null (remove-if (lambda (x) (not (equal 0 x))) E)) E)
        (t 0)

; ** General simplifier
; This works for either sums or products.  It takes the function which
; identifies sub-expressions of the same type, the function which adds the
; correct operator symbol to the front of the list, the identity for the
; operation, and the expression.  It gets the parts (terms or factors),
; simplifies each one, flattens the list (which removes sublists of
; the same type, as (+ 5 (+ 6 7)) to + (+ 5 6 7)), removes the identity
; (which is 0 or 1), then does some cleanup and adds the operator symbol
; back to the list.
(defun simpl (is-same-type add-operator identity E)
            (parts (cdr E))
            (simparts (mapcar 'simplify parts))
            (flatparts (flatten is-same-type simparts))
            (id-dropped (remove-if (lambda (z) (equal identity z)) flatparts))
        (proper add-operator identity id-dropped)

; Here is the code for flatten.  It takes sublists of the same type and
; merges them into the whole list, as (* (* a b 2) 3 (* 5 2)) to
; (* a b 2 3 5 2)
(defun flatten (is-same items)
        ((null items) ())
        ((funcall is-same (car items))
            (append (cdr (car items)) (flatten is-same (cdr items)))  )
        (t (cons (car items) (flatten is-same (cdr items))))

; A clean-up step to avoid stuff like (*) and (+ x).  Its basic function is
; to add the operator back to the front of a list of simplified parts,
; but it checks and avoids producing expressions with zero or one part.
(defun proper (add-operator identity items)
        ((null items) identity)
        ((null (cdr items)) (car items))
        (t (funcall add-operator items))