CSc 302 Assignment 7



Nov 19
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Dec 5

Reproduce the growing tree page demonstrated in class. Each tree grows when you click on it. Here's a picture of it at the start:

Here is it is after a few trees have grown.

You can download the tree image here.

You will want to use HTML and CSS to arrange the row of trees positioned at the bottom of the page, which a height assigned by CSS. Then place a Javascript on-click on each tree which increases its height.

When your trees grow, may sure they grow up only. They should not get wider, or move down, or move over. Just get taller. The bottoms of the images must stay fixed, and the tops move.

If you have a different tree image of similar size you would like to use instead, feel free.

When you're ready, post your page on Sandbox, then go here and enter the URL of the page.