This is a small paragraph with a bit of text in it. It is a very nice paragraph, and probably my favorite except for all the others. Of course, there are better and longer paragraphs in other documents. But most of them aren't as perfectly normal as this one.

Nothing in this paragraph is true. Everything in it is false, except for this statement. The statement after that one must be false, though. And there is a free lunch. And there are little green men from Mars. And the earth is flat, especially in Kansas. And it's Tuesday every day!

Do you think this paragraph is any different than the last one? It's just a paragraph after all. And it's really only here to take up space. I don't think so. It seems just like the others, and who cares? It's a useless paragraph. Probably escaped from an institution somewhere.

There are really no paragraphs here. Only filler. Lots of filler. And some sawdust and a couple of mirrors. Big mirrors. And some pots and pans, some dry ice, and a zebra. I don't know what the zebra is for, but it does have nice stripes.