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One Added Task

Mar 7
Mar 20
40 pts
Write a Marie assembler program which will input a series of integer values and output a running sum. It should begin by simply outputting a zero, then read numbers and output the current total until a -1 is entered, after which it should stop. Here's what mine looks like after adding a series:
When the input command executes, the simulator will allow you to enter a number into the input box. (Type the number, then press enter.) If you don't enter -1, the program will add the number to the sum and display it, then wait for your next input. Though the input numbers are not displayed, you can see that some negatives were entered. Be sure your exit test is specifically for -1, as other negatives (and zero) are simply data to be added.

Before you run your program, make sure to set the input and output fields to decimal, since we will input and output decimal numbers. (I've at least once seen the Marie simulator pitch an exception when I have forgotten to make this setting.)

When your program works and is well-comented, submit it here.
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