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[^] CSc 404 Documentation And Examples
    comment Algol program print the primes less than 1000 using the 
            sieve method.;
    Boolean array sieve[2:1000];
    integer p, count;

    comment Eliminate the multiples of the argument prime number;
    procedure eliminate(p);
        integer p;
            integer i;
            for i := 2*p step p until 1000 do
                sieve[i] := false

    comment Clear the sieve.;
    integer i;
    for i := 2 step 1 until 1000 do
        sieve[i] := true;

    comment Find the primes in range.;
    for i := 2 step 1 until 1000 do
        if sieve[i] then

    comment Print the results, 10 per line.;
    p := 2;
    for count := 0 while p <= 1000 do begin
        comment This construct is similar to a do .. while built with a goto.;
            if sieve[p] then begin
                outstring(1," ");
                count := count + 1
            p := p + 1;
            if p <= 1000 & count < 10 then goto makeline;


Notice that the semicolon is used to separate things, not as a terminator.

The keywords begin and end are similar to the curly braces in C and its descendants.

Notice how the type of the parameter to eliminate is specified: between the header and the start of the body. The C language originally used a notation something like this:

int f(i)
int i;
A standard plain-C compiler (not C++) should still accept this notation.