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Page Table Lookup
[^] CSc 422 Rec. Problems
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The following is a two-level page table for 20-bit addresses, with 12 bits of page offset and 8 bits of page number. The page number is further divided into a four-bit index into the primary table, and a four-bit index into the secondary table.
Try a few lookups. The virtual address is given in hex. Click to find see the answer.
DA4B2 A44B2. Follow entry D in T1 to T2, find A4 in entry A
9711B Fault. Entry 9 in primary table is invalid.
EE329 4D329. Entry E to T4, then E again to find 4D
32411 Fault. Entry 2 in T3 is invalid.
3A2BC 2E2BC. Entry 3 in T1 to T3, then entry A holds 2E.
8231D Fault. Entry 8 in main table is invalid.
E4129 8B129. Entry E in T1 to T4, then get 8B from entry 4.
D8371 Fault. From D in T1, find that 8 in T2 is invalid