Some Traces

Some traces for your testing. They are plain text files, but compress well. So they are here with plain and two compressed versions. These are text files, but there's not particular ending for the trace files, so the names are a bit of a mess. Start with one or two smaller ones.

Unix ls command
Compile rdr.cpp
XCalc simple GUI calculator
Links text browser
Cleansocks build

The reader can be built to read .gz files directly, without having to create a decompressed file. For that to work, you need to have the zlib library installed. (On Fedora, install zlib and zlib-devel; otherwise, you're on your own.) Then, look at the top of the Makefile and follow the directions there.

There is also the small file. It contains a few small trace files constructed for testing. These are not actual program traces. Look inside to see what they might be good for.