CSc 423 Schedule
This is a tentative schedule for the semester. I will attempt to keep this document up to date as the semester progresses, and try to avoid last-minute changes. Do not consider anything more than a week away as fixed.

Jan 8Introduction, Ch. 1,2, 3.1–3.12Jan 10Introduction, cont.Jan 12Traditional Internet Aps, Ch. 4
Jan 15MLK DayJan 17Weather CancellationJan 19Traditional Internet Aps, cont
Jan 22 Traditional Internet Aps, contJan 24Transmission Media, Ch. 5–7Jan 26Transmission Media, cont
Jan 29Transmission Media, contJan 31Transmission Media, contFeb 2Reliability & Error Det., Ch. 8
Feb 5Reliability & Error Det., contFeb 7Coding and Connecting, Ch. 9–12Feb 9Math/Sci Tournament (no class)
Feb 12Exam I: Ch. 1–8Feb 14Coding and Connecting, contFeb 16Coding and Connecting, cont
Feb 19 Coding and Connecting, contFeb 21LAN Technology, Ch. 13–17Feb 23LAN Technology, Cont
Feb 26LAN Technology, ContFeb 28LAN Technology, ContMar 2Long-Distance Networks, Ch 18
Mar 5Exam II: Ch. 9–17Mar 7Long-Distance Networks, Cont.Mar 9Networking Technologies, Ch. 19
Mar 12--- Spring Break ---
Mar 19Internetworking, Ch. 20–23Mar 21Internetworking, ContMar 23Internetworking, Cont
Mar 26Internetworking, ContMar 28Internetworking, ContMar 30IP Transport, Ch. 24–25
Apr 2Easter HolidayApr 4IP Transport, ContApr 6IP Transport, Cont
Apr 9IP Transport, ContApr 11IP Transport, ContApr 13IP Transport, Cont
Apr 16Routing, Ch. 26Apr 18Exam III: Ch. 18–25Apr 20Routing, Ch. 26
Apr 23Network Security, Ch. 29Apr 25Network Security, Cont

The Final Exam will be on Wednesday, May 2 at noon.