We will continue meeting on Thurday chapel time in MCC 104.

For the rest of the semester, we will review topics that appear to be related to the MFT. We can have whatever general discussion seems appropriate, but mostly I'll solve problems on the board. You are not required to attend every meeting, but I hope you will spend some time reviewing the specified topic.

I'll try to have some things ready, and try to give some specifics for each day, but feel free to ask most anything. I will try to do one of the following:

  1. Answer the question,
  2. Tell you I don't know,
  3. Tell you it's not on topic,
  4. Take the fifth, or
  5. Make something up that sounds good, preferably with lots of deep-tech-sounding made-up words.

So don't miss out.

Thu, Feb 11Trees and other Data Structures
Of course, review material from CSc 216. Some on-line notes at Stanford. We'll do some tree manipulations on the board as time permits, and whatever students are interested in: BSTs and heaps, balanced trees, Huffman trees. Wide trees (if I can remember how to do them). Hashing's okay, too.
Thu, Feb 18Programming and Program Semantics
Of the practice problem., this would take in 1, 3 and 6 which we've already discussed, and also 11, which we'll take up. Questions 3, 4 and 12 on the second practice sheet are also relevant. This is a broad topic, which includes general programming, data structure implementation and some PLS topics, such as type systems and memory use. Here are a few others to chew on (expanded 23:50 on 2/17).
Thu, Feb 25Grammars, Regular Expressions and Automata
The practice problem., would seem to offer questions 5 and 14, where I think we'd looked at 5 already. The first question on this set is relevant. We'll also look at the posted link on REs, and talk about CFGs as well.
Thu, Mar 4Complexity
Big-O and all that. I've linked a nice review here. None of the questions on the practice problem are specifically Big-O, though #7 is related. Number 11 on the second practice sheet is on topic. And, Here are some loops whose complexity you may cogitate. The various standard sorts are also worth thinking about.
Thu, Mar 11Boolean Algebra and Logic
From the practice sheet: numbers 8 and 15. Also the Boolean algebra problems posted, and qustion 7 on this set. We'll also discuss some other topics related to logic circuts (314 material).
Thu, Mar 18Discrete Math and Combinatorics
We have #9 From the practice sheet, and 2–6 from this random set, mostly cribbed as described there. Perhaps I'll come up with more, and will always happily take suggestions.
Thu, Mar 25Graph Theory
Thu, Apr 1Computer Organization
There question 4 from practice sheet, and 5 from the second practice sheet. I'll mention these, and talk a bit more about memory cache. I'll review some about CPUs, and also discuss some of the CPU performance problems linked here and here. (And anything else that looks good if there is time.)
Thu, Apr 8Operating Systems
We_ll discuss questions 12 and 13 from practice sheet, discuss virtual memory and run some replacement algorithms, and whatever else seems to belong. I will not doubt make use of some of my posted 422 material.
Thu, Apr 15Software Engineering; Database
Thu, Apr 22Proficiency Profile Test
Written Exam related to University Core. Regular meeting time and place
Fri, Apr 23Major Field Test
On-line exam. Meet at 2:00 PM in MCC 209