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Ical RPMs
[^] Dr. Bennet
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I remain fond of Sanjay Ghemawat's Tk-based X-Windows calendar program, ical. Current Linux distros don't carry it because its age. After they were dropped from Red Hat a zillion years ago, I managed to throw together a functional RPM for RH9, and have produced a couple others since then.

These old RPMs are available below. But if you're looking for something current, try here. For more info, see this page.

Fedora 7   ical-2.2-30.i386.rpm   ical-2.2-30.src.rpm
Fedora Core 2   ical-2.2-29.i386.rpm   ical-2.2-29.src.rpm
Red Hat 9   ical-2.2-27.i386.rpm   ical-2.2-27.src.rpm

These are derived from the source RPM from Red Hat 7.3, so I am certainly not the originator. Each version required a few minor hacks over the last one, but are not substantially changed.

Tom Bennet