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CSc 231 Perl Assignment 1

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My Line

Due: Jan 31, 2007

Write a perl script which copies the input to the output adding -> to the front and <- to the end of each line. It then reports the number lines, the length of the longest line, and the total number of bytes in the original input. For instance, the input file

Hi there.
This is Fred.
Who are you?
should produce the output
->Hi there.<-
->This is Fred.<-
->Who are you?<-
3 lines, longest 13 characters, 37 bytes total.

Be careful to handle line terminators correctly. The length of a line does not include its terminator, but it contributes to the total size of the file. Also note that the total size figure may differ between Windows and Unix systems, as the children of DOS use two characters to represent the line terminator, while Unix uses one.

Use chomp to trim the terminator from the line when needed. You might also be interested to know that the builtin function length takes the length of a string.


When your program works and is properly indented and commented, submit it here.