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UID Lookup

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# This uses the Unix /etc/passwd file to map from a 
# userid to a numerical uid.  It accpets a list of
# userids on the command line, and maps each one.

use strict;

# The location of the password file.
my $pwd = "/etc/passwd";

# This function maps the indicated userid,
# and prints out the result.  The file
# itself is already opened with the global
# handle PWD
sub getuid {
    my ($userid) = @_;

    # Rewind the file, and read until 
    # the userid is found. 
    seek PWD, 0, 0;
    while($line = <PWD>) {
        # Split the line to get the fields we're interested in.
        my($puserid, $ppwd, $puid) = split(/:/, $line);

        # If we found it, print and return. 
        if($puserid eq $userid) {
            print "UID for $userid is $puid.\n";

    # If we got here, it didn't work.
    print "No such user $userid.\n";

# Open the passwd file and scan through
# the argument list.
open (PWD, $pwd) or die "Cannot open $pwd: $!.\n";

while(my $userid = shift @ARGV) {

close PWD;
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