Hit Counter
PHP Code Examples
// Page download counter.  This file allows PHP pages to easily generate
// a hit-count message.  The code uses the simple dbm (keyed file) to keep
// track of hits for each page, and the function get_count returns the
// original message.
function get_count() {
	global $_SERVER;
	$iam = $_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"];

	$dbm = dba_open("/home/bennet/phpwrite/countdb", "c");
	if($dbm) {
		if(dba_exists($iam, $dbm))
			$count = dba_fetch($iam, $dbm) + 1;
			$count = 1;
		dba_replace($iam, $count, $dbm);
		return $count;
	} else
		return 0;
// This function emits a message containing the current count.  The count can
// be sent if desired, otherwise the current count is fetched and updated.
// The message form can also be specified, defaulting as shown.  The word
// COUNT is replaced by $cnt, as sent or from get_count().
function cnt_msg($cnt = -1, 
    $form = "<p><i>This page has been accessed COUNT times.</i>") {
	if($cnt < 0) $cnt = get_count();
	if(!$cnt) return;
	$form = preg_replace('/COUNT/', "$cnt", $form);
	print $form;