(PHP 4 >= 4.0.4)

bzdecompress -- Decompresses bzip2 encoded data


string bzdecompress (string source [, int small])

bzdecompress() decompresses the source string containing bzip2 encoded data and returns it. If the optional parameter small is TRUE, an alternative decompression algorithm will be used which uses less memory (the maximum memory requirement drops to around 2300K) but works at roughly half the speed. See the bzip2 documentation for more information about this feature.

Example 1. bzdecompress()

$start_str = "This is not an honest face?";
$bzstr = bzcompress($start_str);

print( "Compressed String: " );
print( $bzstr );
print( "\n<br>n" );

$str = bzdecompress($bzstr);
print( "Decompressed String: " );
print( $str );
print( "\n<br>n" );

See also bzcompress().