L. Microsoft SQL Server functions

Table of Contents
mssql_close -- Close MS SQL Server connection
mssql_connect -- Open MS SQL server connection
mssql_data_seek -- Move internal row pointer
mssql_fetch_array -- Fetch row as array
mssql_fetch_field -- Get field information
mssql_fetch_object -- Fetch row as object
mssql_fetch_row -- Get row as enumerated array
mssql_field_length -- Get the length of a field
mssql_field_name -- Get the name of a field
mssql_field_seek -- Set field offset
mssql_field_type -- Get the type of a field
mssql_free_result -- Free result memory
mssql_get_last_message --  Returns the last message from server (over min_message_severity?)
mssql_min_error_severity -- Sets the lower error severity
mssql_min_message_severity -- Sets the lower message severity
mssql_next_result -- Move the internal result pointer to the next result
mssql_num_fields -- Get number of fields in result
mssql_num_rows -- Get number of rows in result
mssql_pconnect -- Open persistent MS SQL connection
mssql_query -- Send MS SQL query
mssql_result -- Get result data
mssql_select_db -- Select MS SQL database