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Ruby Example Code

^  CSc 232 Ruby

o Ruby Hello, World!
o Expressions
o Oh, I Meant Objects
o Strings
o String Operations
o Arrays
o Hashes
o Line Breaking
o Basic I/O I
o Basic I/O II
o File I/O
o Parallel Asst.
Control Structures
o Conditional I
o Conditional II
o While Loop
o For Loop
o Case Expression
o Iterators
o Methods I
o Methods II
o Methods III
o Exceptions I
o Regular Expressions I
o Regular Expressions II
o More List Ops
o Polynomial Evaluator
Classes And Objects
o Ruby Classes
o Box Class
o Inheritance
o Setting Variables
Circuit Simulation
o Gate Classes
o Circuit Test I
o Circuit Test II
o Circuit Test III
o Subassemblies
o One-Bit Adder Subassembly
o Eight-BIt Adder
o N-Bit Adder Subassembly
o Adder Test
o Unit Conversion
o Unit Conversion Driver
o Inclusion Modules
o Linked List
o Tree
o Driver
o Button
o Colors
o Configure
o Inheritance
o Reflex Test
o Host Lookup
o Bouncing Balls
o Binding and Actions
o FTP Download Tool