CSc 231 Syllabus
CSc 231
Fall, 2019
1 Credit
Instructor:Tom Bennet
Office:302 MCC
Text:Linux Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr.
Web Page:

This is a course in the Unix operating system. We'll look at the concepts and structures of the system design, and consider how to use the system, particulary from the command line. The low-level nature of the command line interface is exposes structure and concepts of the underlying system. And while the more commonly-used GUI interface makes certain tasks easier, and can reduce the leaning curve, the command line is much more expressive and powerful.

Our labs and demonstrations will generally use Linux, a widely-available clone of Unix. We'll cover a bit of that history in the course.


We will examine the following topics:


Grading will be based on exams and assigned projects. Exams will be primarily written, but may also involve real-time demonstration of some skill. Projects may include shell scripts or small programs.

The last day to drop this course is Friday, November 1, 2019.


Mississippi College class attendance policies as described on pp. 46 and 47 of the college catalog will be enforced. Absences may be excused for illness or other appropriate cause. Exams missed due to circumstances beyond the student's control may be made up at a mutually agreeable time and place. Adequate documentation of the cause of an absence may be required.

Academic Honesty

Mississippi College regulations regarding the integrity of academic work will be enforced. The computer science group has established the following addendum:

In a computer science class individual effort is expected. Student misconduct not only includes cheating on tests, but also extends to copying or collaborating on programming assignments, projects, lab work or research unless otherwise specified by the instructor. Using other people's accounts to do your work or having others do your work is prohibited. Close proximity in lab does not mean collaboration is permitted. NOTE: Discussing logical solutions to problems is acceptable, exchange of code, pseudocode, designs, or procuring solutions from the Web, other texts, the Internet or other resources on or off campus is not acceptable.

First offense: grade of 0 for all parties involved unless the guilty party can be determined. Second offense: grade of F in the course.