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Useless Information About Dr. Bennet

  Dr. Bennet

This page contains information about me which is of no discernible use to anyone. Everything here is true, as far as I can recall. (Which is less far every day.)

I have the same birthday as Albert Einstein.

He used up all the brains for that day.

I used to work at Six Flags.

Two summers at the St. Louis park. The pay was vanishingly small, but the benefits were valuable: you could park for free, get in for free, and buy food at sub-highway-robbery prices.

I went to the same high school as Captain Archer.

Well, as Scott Bakula who plays him; the Captain presumably hasn't been born yet. It's Kirkwood High School in the St. Louis 'burbs. I'm sure we were very close friends, despite the fact that I've completely forgotten about it, and that we weren't there at the same time.

John Ashcroft once sang at my church.

He was state AG, I think, and would sing at churches with another official who was a Democrat. I don't recall who the other man was.

I once met Grace Hopper.

As in the creator of COBOL. She was doing the rubber chicken circuit when I was in college. She passed out nanoseconds, which are pieces of wire the length that light travels in a nanosecond. I wish knew what happened to mine.

I rowed a canoe underground.

The Devil's Icebox is a cave in a state park in Missouri. The entrance passage is the channel of an underground river, and there's no way to walk in.