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Xournal With Images
[^] Dr. Bennet

Xournal is a very useful program for annotating PDF files. Unfortunately, it does not allow images to be added as annotations to the PDF files. Fortunately, the project also hosts several patches, one by Simon Guest which adds that capability.

I created some Fedora RPMs including this patch, as listed below, for some versions I have happen to have handy. It appears now that Fedora 17 contains this patch in its xournal package, so there's not much point in my making any more.
Source Packege Binary Package
xournal-0.4.5-3i7.fc13.src.rpm xournal-0.4.5-3i7.fc13.i386.rpm
xournal-0.4.5-15i7.fc16.src.rpm xournal-0.4.5-15i7.fc16.i386.rpm
The source RPMs are simple modifications of the Fedora release of the same number, without the i7 suffix.

Do keep in mind that these are not the standard xournal distribution. Each contains the image patch plus the patches from the original Fedora package, a combination that seems to work but has not been thoroughly tested.