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Binary and Boolean Examples
[^] Dr. Bennet
------------------------------------------------------------------------------ These are some pages remaining from the course CSc 110, computer mathematics. The material is now included in another course, CSc 115, and CSc 110 is no longer offered. But these pages have been popular, so they're still here. Hope you find them useful.

o Online Textbook (Lowery)
o Base Conversion Examples
Binary To Decimal
Left-Right Decimal to Binary
Right-Left Decimal to Binary
Binary To Hex Conversions
Hex To Decimal Conversions
Right-Left Hex to Binary
o Binary Addtion/Subtraction
Binary Addtion Examples
Binary Subtraction Examples
8-Bit Fixed Width Addition
o Two's Complement Examples
Decimal to Two's Complement Conversion
Two's Complement to Decimal Conversion
Two's Complement Binary Addition Examples
o Floating Point Examples
Decimal to Floating Point Conversion
Floating Point to Decimal Conversion
o Boolean Algebra Examples
Truth Table Examples
Boolean Expression Simplification
Logic Gate Examples