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o CSc 6523: Topics in Computer Networking

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o Useless Information about Dr. Bennet
o So why are CS students almost all guys?
o Threading Project/CCSC '07 Paper
o Providence Presbyterian Church.
o The Meramec River at Dusk
o I'm Sure This Isn't You
Previous Courses
o CSc 110: Computer Math.
o CSc 114: Intro. to Computer Science
o CSc 220: C/C++ Programming
o CSc 231 (Fall 2016): Unix Shell
o CSc 231 (Fall 2007): PHP Programming
o CSc 231: Python Programming
o CSc 231 (Spring 2007): Perl Programming
o CSc 232 (Spring 2007): Ruby Programming
o CSc 233 (Summer II 2004): Ada Programming
o CSc 231 (Fall 2000): Lisp Programming
o CSc 302: Internet and WWW Basics
o CSc 314: Computer Organization
o CSc 404: Programming Language Structures
o CSc 422: Operating Systems
o CSc 423: Networking
o CSc 460: Automata Thy. and Formal Languages
o CSc 6522: Topics in Operating Systems
o CSc 6505: Topics in Parallel Programming
o CSc 6505: Formal Programming Language Semantics

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o RPMs for xournal w/ image insertion patch.
o Ical RPMs.
o File Submission System (SourceForge).
o Barnstorming on the Tarmac