Algorithm Trace
20 Points, due Mar 23

Please perform the following exercises. Print this page out and write your answer on it, showing your work. When complete, either hand it in on paper, or you can take a picture or scan, and send it here.

Go visit the Binary Search page. Use it to answer the following questions:

  1. Use the web page to search for 71. Below is the list of numbers the web page searches. Mark each of the numbers which the algorithm checks (where it places the loc value). Number the locations in order. (Mark a 1 by 49, then a 2 by 62, etc.)
    58112127333842495155586971 839299
  2. Repeat that exercise with a search for 10.
    58112127333842495155586971 839299
  3. And once again, search for 38.
    58112127333842495155586971 839299
  4. Now, perform a search on a different set of numbers. The web page has only the single array shown, so you'll have follow the steps yourself. Search for 93 in the following list: