Data Search

20 Points, due Mar 6

This assignment to find data on-line. I'm hoping you'll take some time to look around a bit while you're at it. Go to the government data website The objective is to find or create a graph, chart or table of some data you find interesting from the statistics available on the site. The site links all sorts financial, industrial and social statistics. Your graphic should compare different values of the statistic over any reasonble variation, such:

The objective is to create a PDF document. There are several possibilties:

You'll need to get your graphic into PDF format to submit it. The web site may simply provide a PDF download. If you have a it in a browser or spreadsheet, you will want to export it to PDF. There may be an entry for “export to PDF”, or you might need to do it by printing. In that case, start to print the page, but choose “print to file” or “print to pdf” instead of a physical printer. (Some browsers will want to produce data in a format called xps instead of pdf. This will also work.)

When you get through all that, send your PDF file here.