Writing Assignment 2
40 pts
Some Serious Copy
Due: Apr 6
Find an article about copyright and the web. Some things you might look for are file piracy, the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act), DRM (Digital Rights Management), or legal advice to folks who are creating web pages. Read the article and write a summary. Your summary should be one to one and a half pages, double-spaced. Do use a word processor, and avail yourself of the spell checker. Your summary must contain a citation of the article summarized sufficient that the reader can find it easily.

You may choose a printed article from any serious publication. (This generally excludes those which routinely discuss abduction by UFOs.) If in doubt, ask your instructor.

Online articles are generally allowed, but you must have them approved first; feel free to email a link to Dr. Bennet to ask. An on-line article should generally come from an academic journal, established newspaper or magazine, or serious trade publication. Articles from page factories, including About.com, eHow, Buzzle, Howstuffworks, WiseGeek, and thoughtco are not acceptable.

Choose an article at least one printed page in length under the same requirements as writing I.

Please write your own summary. If you can find it on-line, so can I.

Hand in your paper as either word processor document or a PDF (Acrobat document) here. I also need to see the document you summarized. If it is available on the web, include its URL in your paper. If you can make a PDF, you can submit that with your paper at the above URL. (This often the best way to submit EBSCO papers, since their URLs expire.) If none of those are practical, hand your source in on paper.


  1. The word is “copyright,” not “copywrite.”
  2. “Copyright” is primarily a noun.
  3. Even though “copyright” is sometimes used as a verb, if you try to make “copyrighting” out of it, I will will throw a very large fit, and probably come back and haunt you after I die.
  4. Whatever “copyrighting” might mean, it definitely isn't “violating copyright.”