CSc 114F Schedule

This is the planned schedule for the semester. If there's a need to make changes, I will try to do so as early as possible.

The entries for lectures link to the outlines for the relevant chapters; the lab entries (will) link to the to lab instructions and materials. It's a good idea to look over the lab handout before coming to lab.

Lectures meet in MCC 105, and labs meet in MCC 209. Come to 209 on days when a lecture and a lab are both scheduled. All exams are given online in MCC 209. Regular exams are scheduled along with a lecture. We'll meet in MCC 105 for the first half hour to take the exam, then move to MCC 105 for the lecture.

I don't really like to split the day between lecture and exam, but there's really now way around it with six exams on a Tuesday-Thursday schedule.

Note that the final exam is on a Saturday.

Jan 10, 12Chapter 1: TerminologyChapter 2: User Interface
Chapter 3: Networking
Jan 17, 19Lab 1: Internet BasicsChapter 3: Networking
Chapter 4: HTML
Jan 24, 26Chapter 4: HTML
Exam: Ch. 1–3
Lab 2: Basic HTML
Jan 31, Feb 2Lab 3: Introduction to Style SheetsMath/Sci Tournament — No Class
Feb 7, 9Chapter 5: Web Searching
Lab 4: Web Search
Lab 5: Web Search Comparison
Writing 1 Due
Feb 14, 16Chapter 7: Binary and Coding
Exam: Ch. 4, 5
Chapter 7: Binary and Coding
Chapter 8: Digital Representation
Feb 21, 23Chapter 8: Digital RepresentationChapter 6: Software Bugs
Lab 6: Testing
Feb 28, Mar 2Chapter 9: CPU Operation
Exam: Ch. 7, 8
Lab 7: Machine Cycle
Mar 7, 9Chapter 10: AlgorithmsLecture: Programming and Python
The Exensible Image Tool
Exam: Ch. 6, 9, 10
Mar 14, 16Spring Break
Mar 21, 23Lab 8: Image Algorithm Lab ILab 9: Image Algorithm Lab II
Mar 28, 30Chapter 11: Computers in SocietyChapter 11: Computers in Society
Exam: Programs and Image Modifiers
Apr 4, 6Chapter 12: Privacy and SecurityChapter 13: Spreadsheets
Lab 10: Spreadsheet Basics
Writing 2 Due
Apr 11, 13Lab 11: Spreadsheet IIChapter 15: Databases
Exam: Ch. 11-13
Apr 18, 20Lab 12: DatabaseChapter 22: Limits to Computation
Apr 25, 27Chapter 23: Summary

The final exam will be on Saturday, April 29 at 12:00 pm.