Servers-OmniHTTPd Server

This section contains notes and hints specific to OmniHTTPd.

OmniHTTPd 2.0b1 and up for Windows

You need to complete the folowing steps to make PHP work with OmniHTTPd. This is a CGI executable setup. SAPI is supported by OmniHTTPd, but some tests showed, that it is not so stable to use PHP as an ISAPI module in OmniHTTPd.

Repeat steps 2 - 6 for each extension you want to associate with PHP.

Note: Some OmniHTTPd packages come with built in PHP support. You can choose at setup time to do a custom setup, and uncheck the PHP component. We recommend you to use the latest PHP binaries. Some OmniHTTPd servers come with PHP 4 beta distributions, so you should choose not to set up the built in support, but install your own. If the server is already on your machine, use the Replace button in Step 4 and 5 to set the new, correct information.