Servers-Netscape and iPlanet

This section contains notes and hints specific to Netscape and iPlanet installs of PHP, both for Sun Solaris and Windows versions.

You can find more information about setting up PHP for the Netscape Enterprise Server here:

Installing PHP with Netscape on Sun Solaris

To build PHP with NES or iPlanet web servers, enter the proper install directory for the --with-nsapi = DIR option. The default directory is usually /opt/netscape/suitespot/. Please also read /php-xxx-version/sapi/nsapi/nsapi-readme.txt.

Example 2-7. Installation Example for Netscape Enterprise on Solaris

Instructions for Sun Solaris 2.6 with Netscape Enterprise Server 3.6

1. Install the following packages from or another
download site: 

    mysql-3.23.24-beta (if you want mysql support) 
    tar-1.13 (GNU tar) 

2. Make sure your path includes the proper directories
    export PATH 

3. gunzip php-x.x.x.tar.gz (if you have a .gz dist, otherwise go to 4) 
4. tar xvf php-x.x.x.tar 
5. cd ../php-x.x.x 

6. For the following step, make sure /opt/netscape/suitespot/ is where
   your netscape server is installed. Otherwise, change to correct path:
    /configure --with-mysql=/usr/local/mysql --with-nsapi=/opt/netscape/suitespot/ --enable-track-vars --enable-libgcc 
7. make 
8. make install
After performing the base install and reading the appropriate readme file, you may need to performs some additional configuration steps.

Firstly you may need to add some paths to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment for Netscape to find all the shared libs. This can best done in the start script for your Netscape server. Windows users can probably skip this step. The start script is often located in: /path/to/server/https-servername/start

You may also need to edit the configuration files that are located in:/path/to/server/https-servername/config/.

Example 2-8. Configuration Example for Netscape Enterprise

Configuration Instructions for Netscape Enterprise Server

1. Add the following line to mime.types:
    type=magnus-internal/x-httpd-php exts=php

2. Add the following to obj.conf, shlib will vary depending on
    your OS, for unix it will be something like

    You should place the following lines after mime types init.
    Init fn="load-modules" funcs="php4_init,php4_close,php4_execute,php4_auth_trans" shlib="/php4/nsapiPHP4.dll"
    Init fn=php4_init errorString="Failed to initialize PHP!"

    <object name="default">
    .#NOTE this next line should happen after all 'ObjectType' and before all 'AddLog' lines 
    Service fn="php4_execute" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php" 

    <Object name="x-httpd-php"> 
    ObjectType fn="force-type" type="magnus-internal/x-httpd-php" 
    Service fn=php4_execute 

    Authentication configuration 

    PHP authentication cannot be used with any other authentication. ALL AUTHENTICATION IS 
    PASSED TO YOUR PHP SCRIPT. To configure PHP Authentication for the entire server, add 
    the following line: 

    <Object name="default"> 
    AuthTrans fn=php4_auth_trans 

    To use PHP Authentication on a single directory, add the following: 

    <Object ppath="d:\path\to\authenticated\dir\*"> 
    AuthTrans fn=php4_auth_trans 

If you are running Netscape Enterprise 4.x, then you should use the following:

Example 2-9. Configuration Example for Netscape Enterprise 4.x

Place these lines after the mime types init, and everything else is similar
to the example configuration above.
From: Graeme Hoose (

Init fn="load-modules" shlib="/path/to/server4/bin/" funcs="php4_init,php4_close,php4_execute,php4_auth_trans"
Init fn="php4_init" LateInit="yes"

Installing PHP with Netscape on Windows

To Install PHP as CGI (for Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet, perhaps Fastrack), do the following:

More details about setting up PHP as a CGI executable can be found here:

To Install PHP as NSAPI (for Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet, perhaps Fastrack, do the following:

More details about setting up PHP as an NSAPI filter can be found here: