CSc 302 Assignment 1

Hello, Web!


Aug 25
40 pts
Sep 13

Create a very simple page and store it on the Sandbox server where it will be visible online. You are required to

  1. Follow proper HTML5 document structure.
  2. Write at least one sentence. (You may be as verbose as you like).
  3. Mention your own name somewhere.
  4. Make sure your text is enclosed in some appropriate block tag, most likely paragraph <p></p>. You may have multiple paragraphs, or other block structures if you like.
  5. Your page should include at least one link to a site outside MC. You may link most any site you like that you wouldn't mind showing to your mother.
  6. Display at least one image that you have permission to use. Simular rules on content apply. This can be an original photo or drawing, or a downloaded image which is in the public domain or licenced for general use. Make sure your image appears at a reasonable size, either by editing the image with appropriate software or setting its size in HTML.
  7. Store your page (including image(s)) under your account on the Sandbox server.

When your page is posted, go here and enter the URL of the page. Note: This needs an http URL. If you view a draft from a file, it will have a file URL. You need to post on Sandbox and get a proper http or https url.