CSc 302 Assignment 2

Mostly Links and Images


Sep 5
40 pts
Sep 17

This assignment is practice using images and links. You may create any content you like, so long as you do the following.

  1. Follow proper HTML5 document structure.
  2. Create a clickable link to your favorite search engine.
  3. Create a clickable text link to this page. Use a server-relative URL: one that starts with slash.
  4. Create a clickable link to your assignment 1 page. It should be a relative link, possibly just the file name. (If you are using folders on the server, your URL may need to contain .. and/or other folder names.)
  5. Of your clickable links, at least one should be text, and one should be an image. The image link should have no border.
  6. Have at least one image which is not a clickable link.
  7. Use an inline style to adjust the font in the tagged item. You may adjust family, style or any other font-related attribute as you like.
  8. Create an embedded CSS instruction (style section in the header) which changes the color from the usual default. You might also want to adjust the font style.
  9. Use CSS to put a border around something in your page (not a link). You may use the border: directive, and/or some combination of border-right: and such to set sides differently. Use inline or embedded styles, or a combination, as you wish.

The same bit of code might well fill more than one of the above.

Please use only images that you have permission to use. The images notes page lists several good sources, and you may find others. You can always use pictures you take yourself. If your image is very large, you may want to reduce it. There are many sophisticates image manipulation programs available, but standard Windows Paint is up to the resizing problem. Though it's not absolute rule, images used on the Web should generally be either .jpg or .png types.

When you're ready, post your page on Sandbox, then go here and enter the URL of the page.