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CSc 231 PHP Lecture Examples
[^] CSc 231 PHP

o View The Code    Run The Program

Basic Examples
o Hello, World
o PHP Information
o PHP Variables
o PHP Types
o PHP Arrays
o Basic Predefined Variables
o Indirect Variables
Control Constructs
o Conditionals
o Loops
o Foreach
o Loop Demo
5x8    15x7
o Functions I
o Functions II
o Functions III
Miscellany I
o Pig-Latin-ifier
Dr. Bennet's Home Page
The New York Times
The Washington Times
o Simple Form I
o Simple Form II

Generalized Survey
o Common Code
o Form Generator
o Form Processor
o Total Displayer
o Example Survey
o Simple Demo
o Frogbreath Store
Classes and Objects
o Account Class
o I   o II
o Static Calling
o Grid Class
o Simple Example
o Longer Example

o Frogbreath Store, Again
o Store Administration
Non-HTML Output
o Plain Text
Default    15 Lines
o Image
Miscellany II
o File Upload/Download
o Cookies
o Using HTTP Login

o Header Include
o Utilities
o Hit Counter
o File Lister