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Simple Two-Thread Test

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This is a very simple test program which just creates and runs two threads. The output is:
First 4
Second 6
First 3
Second 5
First 2
Second 4
First 1
Second 3
First 0
Second 2
Second 1
Second 0
Returned 5 and 7.  Bye, now.

thlibt1.c Thread Demolition Derby>>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <thlib.h>

// This function is run by each of two threads.  They just loop and print,
// then exit with their first arg.
int fred(int i, char *msg)
        int origi = i;

        while(i--) {
                printf("%s %d\n", msg, i);

        th_id_t t1, t2;
        int a, b;

        // Start the threads.
        if((t1 = th_fork()) == ARE_CHILD) fred(5,"First");
        if((t2 = th_fork()) == ARE_CHILD) fred(7,"Second");

        // Wait for them to finsh.
        a = th_wait(t1);
        b = th_wait(t2);

        // Say what happened.
        printf("Returned %d and %d.  Bye, now.\n", a, b);
Thread Demolition Derby>>